Professional IT Network

The way to optimize your IT workforce with a reduced budget.


  • We are a group of senior level professionals that have a history of delivering exceptional results on many of the world’s most challenging, and innovative IT projects. After years of living and working abroad, we have decided to return to our beautiful native island. By joining forces and using our experiences and international contacts, we are convinced that we can be of added value to local organizations.
  • By making alliances with different freelancers both locally end globally, and by eliminating unnecessary overhead costs, we can offer our services at competitive rates. We always have one or more local professionals available that can manage the clients needs onside, if necessary. That way the client has one or two communication lines to avoid complexity.
  • Clients can choose between one or more services (see slide), depending on their needs. Additional services (outside our current listing of services) can be discussed.
  • Our services / products are mainly offered remotely, however depending on the organization a combination of Remote and Onsite can be favorable.

Our services


The Application Support Account (ASA) is ideal for outsourcing support or helpdesk tasks. This often works with helpdesk applications (ticketing tool) where incidents are recorded and monitored. Depending on the needs of the client, we can use the existing helpdesk tool or can provide a helpdesk tool to administer support tickets. With this account, support hours are purchased (SLA).


The Project Support Account (PSA) is designed for organizations that wish to outsource project based work. For example, developing and configuration of new functionalities, new implementations, upgrades and patches, however also project management and project coordination can be provided. For PSA it is important to make and approve a detailed project design (we can assist you with this) before the project work can start. The project (fixed) fees or estimates are discussed per project.


SAP User Training (SUT) is important for organizations to maintain and acquire knowledge for Human Capital. Also for Change Management, trainings are essential to involve and update employees regarding implemented changes or changes yet to be implemented. We can create a tailor-made training plan (virtual or classroom) for your organisation.


The Co. Op. Workforce Account (CWA) is an account where you can reserve workforce (FTE) for a certain period. For example when temporarily one (partial or more) FTE is needed for projects to help you meet specific targets. This is often applied to implementation projects for data migration and data entry (LSMW). This workforce account can be provided with a minimal of 160 hours.


Below some examples of (SAP) competencies we can provide


Choose one or more of our services and immediately benefit from different benefits;

  • Favourable rates, without sacrificing quality
  • Availability resources / talent
  • Communication & documentation in Dutch, English, Papiamentu or Spanish
  • Work continuity due to professionals in different time zones
  • Knowledge of different markets and cultures (Caribbean, European, South America, Middle East, etc.)
  • Transparent model
  • Well-trained and certified SAP professionals (only senior profiles)

Different profiles on request

Because of our brought network we are confident that we can find the profile you need on time!!

Below some profile examples we have at your disposal;

  •       SAP ISU (Certified) / Technical Consultant
  •       SAP PS, PM, Consultant & Project manager
  •       SAP MM/SD (Certified), data migratie consultant & s/4HANA
  •       SAP FI/CO consultant & Project manager
  •       SAP HR, MM/SD consultant
  •       SAP HR (Certified), Technical consultant (ABAP certified) & Project coördinator / manager (Prince2 cert.)
  •       SAP technical (certified) consultant - BASIS / Netweaver / Fiori / PO, …
  •       SAP technical consultant - BASIS / Netweaver / Fiori / Portal / PO, …
  •       SAP FI/CO (Certified),  s/4HANA (Certified) consultant
  •       ............



In these new times ("the new normal") remote working has become more popular. The threshold to choose one or more remote services has therefore become lower than in the past. Remote working has proven itself! Choose one or more of our services on remote basis and be convinced.

Although we emphasize on remote working, there is certainly the possibility to carry out onsite work at the customer (or combined if required). Together we can discuss what the needs are for your organization and tailor our services to your needs.

For us, customer satisfaction is number one. Everyone who works for us has extensive SAP (IT) experience in one or more modules. We also have a very wide network which we can use if necessary. Before we log in to the customers system, we make sure that everyone who has access to these systems, has signed a document indicating that customers' data (data privacy document) will be handled in a professional and correct manner.

The customer can also make use our helpdesk system (for ASA) if it does not have one in place. This is really necessary to keep track of the different incidents (SLA agreements). We guarantee that customers do not have access to each other information when using out tool.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are sure that once you have experienced our commitment to serve you with one of the best quality / pricing available, you will be satisfied. If for some reason you still are not convinced but want to see if one or more of our services will work for your organization, we can discuss some ways to lower the threshold for our first collaboration …… (e.g. buy an ‘ x’  amount of hours and get double that amount in service).